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Welcome to the  Newsletter for January 2015.

In the UK it’s cold outside, so why not just stay in the warm and be creative? If it not cold where you are, get out of the sun and be creative!!


At last, Sheila Waters’ amazing “Foundations of Calligraphy”  is now in stock at

Sheila Waters is not only a master scribe but also a master teacher, and she has made both her life's work.  The material contained in this book was first printed as a regular feature of Letter Arts Review between 1995 and 2000 and it has since been revised and collected and collated for this book.

In Foundations of Calligraphy, Sheila's instruction provides an insightful analysis of forms and construction that takes the mystery out of learning calligraphy. She helps you learn how to analyze a script on your own in order to master an alphabet.

In these pages of exemplar alphabets, instructions, and hints, Sheila shares the knowledge she has gathered during decades of study and practice. The presentation has been honed by her years of experience teaching calligraphers how to advance their skill and art.

There is a gallery of some of Sheila’s most best pieces including the famous Roundel of the Seasons, and, as I have stated in my comments section on the books web-page, "the book is worth buying for the Gallery alone!!"

I would recommend this book for calligraphers of all levels.

Click here for more information

The following new books have been recently added to

B1413 – Hand Lettering by Marci Donley and DeAnn Singh

B1414 – Creative Lettering – Techniques & Tips from Top Artists

B1415 – Paper Artist – Creations Kids can Fold, Tear, Wear, or Share by Gail Green

B1416 – Type on Screen edited by Ellen Lupton

B1417 – Typography Sketchbook by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico

B1419 – The Art of Chinese Calligraphy by Jean Long

B1421 – 101 Mixed Media Techniques by Various Authors

B1423 – Graffiti and Street Art by Anna Waclawek.

Click on the links above to learn more about these books.

Coming soon to

Christine Flint Sato’s latest book called Sumi Workbook in on its way to me from Japan as I type this. It is myriad of different techniques for use with Sumi Ink.

In this workbook, Christine presents a new way to work with sumi, or the East Asian ink medium. Trained in calligraphy (shodō) and ink painting (sumi-e), she has distilled some of the basic techniques of both art forms into an innovative workbook for all. 
Based on her experience of leading sumi workshops with both Westerners and Japanese, the workbook offers a non-traditional way of using the sumi medium. It encourages people to connect with the medium directly and to develop a personal understanding of the way it works through practice and experimentation.

Click here for more information about this book.

I expect it to be in stock in about 5-7 weeks. The above link allows you to pre-order your copy of the book and your book will be shipped to you as soon as it arrives with me.

Please note that no charges will be made to your card before your book is ready to be shipped from

 Jean Larcher.

Sadly, I feel that I need to report that, earlier this month, calligraphy lost a calligraphic giant. Jean Larcher passed away on January 17th 2015. He was a larger than life character and I was always pleased to see him on the few occasions that we were attending the same event somewhere in the UK. Jean will be sadly missed by many. RIP.

29 jan 15 @ 12:11 pm gmt

Welcome to the  Newsletter for November 2014.


The nights are drawing in, the garden is covered with leaves that need raking up, and there are Christmas Cards and presents to worry about.

Busy times for me too, as I am about to start a 25 day run as Santa in our local Shopping Mall in Greenock Town Centre. So, this Newsletter is going to be short of news, but more a list of some great books, DVDs, etc that YOU may wish to ask Santa for.

The following list contains links to the relevant pages within my web-site.  







The Origin of the Serif (Pb Edition)

Father Edward Catich



Adventure with Letters - A Memoir

Michael Harvey



Historical Scripts / Historical Types (2 Book Set) (Also available individually)

Stan Knight



 Wurzeln und Fluegen (Roots & Wings)

Katharina Pieper



Jan Tschichold, Master Typographer, life, work & legacy

Cees Jong



Take Your Pleasure Seriously

Luca Barcellona




Birgit Nass



LETMAN - The Art and Lettering of Job Wouters

Job Wouters



Private Pleasures - Illuminated Manuscripts - Persia to Paris

Stella Panayotova



The Golden Thread - Story of Writing (Signed by the Author)

Ewan Clayton



Calligraphy – A Book of Contemporary Inspiration

Denise Lach



Book Art - Ideas to transform your (unwanted) books

Clare Youngs



Book Art - Studio Handbook

Dolin & Lapidow



Bound for Success - Designer Bookbinders Competition 2009

Edited by Jeanette Koch



Prize Volumes - Designer Bookbinders Competition 2013

Edited by Jeanette Koch



Rope of Words

Megan Kerr



LITTERAE -  A Visual Trip Through Literary Ancient Rome

Yves Leterme



My Word, My World - Catalogue of Calligraphy, Askøy 2014

Curated by Bas Vlam



Holy Writ – Jewish, Christian & Islamic Calligraphy

Lichfield Cathedral



Optical & Geometrical All-over Patterns

Jean Larcher



The Macclesfield Alphabet Book

Lovett & de Hamel



Italic Rhythm to Polyrhythmic (Expanding Writing) (DVD)

Denis Brown



The titles above are active links to the relevant page in my web-site. Click on the link to get more information about that item. 

  Also available is Jean Larcher’s amazing tome “Character Traits


  This is an outstanding piece of work from Jean Larcher, and will surely be sitting in pride of place on any serious calligrapher’s bookshelf.

  Important Note: The set weights 3 kg, including the slipcase. For this reason, and in order to keep costs down, I am taking orders and these will be shipped directly to you from the publisher who is based in Germany.

  The shipping costs from the publisher together with the price of the book to your global region will vary and are currently as follows:-

Germany             = £97 + £6 shipping         = £103

UK                          = £97 = £13.50 shipping = £110.50

Rest of World    = £97 + £24 shipping       = £121 

  Your package will be tracked and the publisher will provide me with the shipping agent’s tracking information so that I can keep you advised of its progress. Your card will not be charged before your book arrives with you.

  Please note that the publisher is currently reviewing both the shipping regions and costs so there may be some changes to the above table.

This is a limited edition of just 500 copies and each copy has been hand signed by the author 

Click here to learn more about this amazing piece of work

8 jul 14 @ 8:13 pm gmt

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Jean Larcher's Character Traites

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