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Welcome to the  Newsletter for July 2014.

New releases for this summer…

I have some fantastic new products to announce for this summer…

First of all there is the new DVD set from Denis Brown titled “Italic Rhythm to Polyrhythmic Calligraphy”. This 2 DVD set comes with a 10 page booklet containing an introduction by Denis Brown and a foreword by John Stevens.

The two ‘dual-layer’ DVD data disks provide 9 hour of High Definition video demonstrations and tutorials by leading calligrapher Denis Brown. 

The programme Modules cover:

  • Compressed Italic: alphabet demonstrations
  • Italic Theory and Practice: principles to aid understanding

  • Freeing the Rhythm: variation and swing

  • Polyrhythmic Calligraphy: adding secondary rhythms

  • Layering for Polyrhythms: writing on top of writing

  • Further Inspiration: guest artist calligraphic and bonus material.

Please click here to learn more about this exciting new package from Denis Brown as well as the system requirements.

Litterae - A new product concept from Yves Letterme…

Litterae is a unique collection of 24 high quality cards (full colour, 21x15 cm/8.3x5.9 in).

The front of each card features Latin quotations, each one in a calligraphic style that suits the quotation. The reverse side of the cards contains, apart from an illustration, the original text along with an English and Dutch translation.

To complete the set there is a 34 page booklet providing useful background information on the authors, their work and the chosen quotation. There is also an account for the calligraphic rendition of each card separately.

Click here to learn more.

Coming soon to Calligraphity – Happy Lettering with the Right Tools by Marika Koskimäki-Ketelä. The new edition of this gorgeous little book is on its way to me from the publisher as I write this. Includes instruction for making your own ruling pens.

A fuller review will be added to my web-site when I have my copies.

Click here to access the Happy Lettering page and pre-order.

Attention ZENTANGLES fans… new and additional books have just arrived and will be loaded onto our ZENTANGLES page over the next few days. These books are by renowned and popular authors such as Cherryl Moote, Kass Hall, Sandy Steen Bartholomew, Susan McNeill, Beckah Krahula, and Joanne Fink.

You can get more information about these books by clicking here.

Finally, at least for now, I have recently been introduced to an interesting tale called Rope of Words, that was written by Megan Kerr and was awarded 1st place in the British Fantasy Society Short Story Competition in 2012. I am pleased to be able to announce that this fascinating story has now been illustrated and prepared for print by Megan and her mother Lin Kerr. Many of you will be thinking, “I know that name” and this is because Lin is a Fellow of CLAS and Full Member of Letter Exchange.

The story explains that the Golden Valley is open for a very short time, enough for just one to squeeze through. Our heroine has to leave the Golden Valley to follow the maze, but she is afraid of losing her love. Before she leaves, she knits a ‘Rope of Words’ so that her lover can guide her back to the opening to the Golden Valley the next time it opens. However, she finds that the rope comes to an end before she has reached the Treasures. She places the end on the ground and begins to hunt and collect the treasures. She searches and searches, but before she has finished gathering, the Golden Valley opens. As agreed, her love begins to gently pull the Rope of Words towards him, but there is no tension. Eventually, the last word and the end of the rope is pulled out of the maze and the opening closes.

Will the lovers be able to reunite? There is one way that you can, not only, enjoy travelling through their adventure, but also enjoy Lin’s beautiful illustrations and lettering.

Click here to learn more.


Best regards,


8 jul 14 @ 8:13 pm gmt

Welcome to the  Newsletter for March 2014.

Book of the Month.

This month, I excited to announce that my Book of the Month is the breathtaking catalogue from the CLAS (Calligraphy and Letter Arts Society) Living Letters IV Exhibition “All that Glisters… ”.

With a comprehensive foreword by Michelle Brown, this beautiful book contains no less that 97 exquisite pieces from some of the world’s greatest calligraphers. Please follow this link to learn more about the catalogue and those that contributed to this inspirational book.

Another amazing exhibition catalogue that has recently become available is 26words. This was a collaborative project between the artists of Letter Exchange and the writers of “26”. It contains 26 pieces (the first letter of the title of each piece begins with a different letter of the alphabet), the words of which are penned by members of “26” and the artwork created by the members of Letter Exchange.

Click here to learn more about this unique project and its remarkable output.

ZENTANGLES have arrived at!! I have recently created a new section to cover this new, and very popular, phenomenon. I have about 14 new books on the subject loaded and I have another 6 in the pipeline. These are from renowned and popular authors such as Cherryl Moote, Kass Hall, Standy Steen Bartholomew, Susan McNeill, Beckah Krahula, and Joanne Fink.

You can get more information about these books by clicking here 

Finally, for the paper engineers and origami fans amongst you, I suggest you check out a new book by Michael LaFosse called Origami Butterflies. This amazing book comes with two DVDs that contain video instructions that compliment the written instructions for the 26 different butterfly models contained within the book.  

More news in a just few weeks from now.

Best regards,



23 mar 14 @ 9:44 pm gmt

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All That Glisters - The CLAS Living Letters IV Exhibition

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